Strange Nation

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
 Edgar Allan Poe

This site is primarily about unusual claims and odd phenomena around Australia.
The pair of us have spent about 40 years pursuing unusual phenomena all over Australia, parts of  Sumatra, and the amazing countryside of Britain.
We started off wanting to believe everything, and then over time, became more critical as "cases" turned out to be not quite what they initially seemed.
Mistakes, mis-identification and madness has been more common than outright hoaxing which has been a relief of sorts.
Over the years we have made many friends in several countries and we both really enjoy the "thrill of the chase" which sounds like a hell of a cliche but its right on the money.

We have often found that one type of phenomena, can lead into another type of supposedly "different" phenomena and they often appear to be inter-related.
 Whilst many researchers are interested in only one subject, we have always considered ourselves "forteans" in the truest sense and dont have a problem looking into anything slightly odd or supposedly kooky.

Its basically for the intellectual challenge as well as for fun.
Many people have firm opinions on different aspects of the paranormal.
But they often confuse what they know about a subject, with what is known about a subject which are completely different things.
We see no difference between hardcore sceptics and  rigid believers.

The commonality both have is they are often as ignorant of fringe subjects as each other.
Yet both will hold their own views religiously.
The general  population picks up most of their information about unusual subjects from the media.
The trouble is, the media will often wreck a great story, and then flog to death a really poor story.

Never assume that an editor or a reporter has the slightest interest in whether something is "real" or not.

Strange Nation is the home of the boutique book publisher of the same name, and a portal to the many Fortean wonders Down Under.
The Strange Nation website in one form or another has been running for over 15 years and attracted more than a million visitors in that time.
We hope you enjoy your visit.!!

Massive thylacine Fan page taking off

For lovers of the real history and science dealing with the Tasmanian Tiger then we suggest you go to the new group on facebook that is devoted to this iconic animal.!
We will also have eyewitness reports as well as the best thylacine art we can find.
There will be no mangy fox reports from the mainland which is a relief to many people.!!

Interview with Damien Nott about Aliens,New Agers and weirdness

Okay, so the cynic in me doesnt need much to come out. 
I have seen the dark side of Ufoology for too long and realise what a train wreck of garbage, lies and hoaxes it really is. For some reason the profound attracts the profane like flies to.. Anway...hope our readers enjoy this rambling interview of madness..

Dyatlov Pass Incident

This is one of the most surreal storie we have seen in a long time.At first I thought we were looking at a news mock up site whith a story line straight out of the exfiles.
But its real.!
And they have done a movie based on the event.

Peering through the windswept snow on a dark February day, the rescue party finally came on the first sign of life — the flapping remains of a tent pitched on ski poles on an uppermost slope of Kholat Syakhl, ‘Mountain of the Dead’ in the native language of northern Siberia.
But where were the nine young Russian students who should have been sheltering beneath the canvas?
Curiosity turned to mystery as human tracks were seen in the snow heading downhill away from the tent in single file for a third of a mile... barefoot human tracks.
n temperatures of minus 24! And mystery became horror when an inspection of the tent showed its front flaps still buttoned tightly together but huge knife slashes down the sides — through which the occupants apparently fled.
Inside was like the Mary Celeste, with everything intact — warm clothes, waterproof jackets, blankets and sweaters that would have been essential to survive in the Siberian weather; plus cameras, diaries and cooking utensils, all apparently abandoned in a moment of madness.

So began the story of what became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, one that has baffled the world for more than half a century since whatever horrific tragedy overtook the nine in February 1959.
They had been missing for almost a month after trekking out into the bleak wildness of the Ural mountains — seven men and two women, all of them fit, hardy and experienced hikers on what was supposed to be a short and invigorating break from their graduate studies...and more...source

Yowie ? casts from the blue mountains

These are some casts taken from Hazelbrook in the blue mountains wst of Sydney.The dearth of casts from this region is primarily due to the poor substrate, low rainfall, rarity of the prints and of course not everone who spots them would bother to either cast the print or tell us.
Not quite sure what to make of the prints with 3 toes as well as 5 toes.
And the balance is all wrong on jerry`s print.
The heel looks too narrow to hold up anything signficant which makes it even stranger.
The print that Jerry cast was found in a lawn which was hard and had clay a few inches undernetah it.

QLD Ufo Segment on Today Tonight

The 2 Jul 2013 segment showed some interesting ufo footage from qld.

But two of the sequences showed things that looked decidely terrestial/man made.

These look 100% human created without the help of "aliens"..  :)
I just communicated with one of the people from the tv show.
They had no idea what the images were off, and agreed they looked human created. 
If the term UFO mean Unidentified Flying why does anyone keep talking about the possibility of life on other planets when discussing ufo`s...and why do they segue between supposed "encounters' with "beings" on earth..and this must mean aliens from another planet. :)


Bill Chalker-Hair of The alien

Bill allowed us to interview him awhile ago.
The original video was lost when google video stopped and we decided to reupload this interview.
One of the original criticisms of Bill`s dna work was that the scientist who did the extraction was not named.
When it finally came out that it was the highly respected Horace Drew of ex CSIRO fame..there goes that strawman to attack Bill on.
Of course no apologises ever arrived. :)
Bills excellent site can be found here
Amongst the hopeless and mendacious airheads of Australian ufology, Bill is a beacon of honesty and integrity.
Seriously, regarding Australian couldn`t find a bigger bunch of stupid and inept clowns if you tried.

Ian"Lizard"-close encounters of the Yowie Kind

Ian, one of the colourful characters from the blue mountains west of Sydney, discusses his encounters with a bipedal monster in the dark at Hazelbrook.
He would often go into the bush with Neil Frost his neighbour.
Ian admits that he initially thought Neil was possibly insane when Neil told him about the weird things in the bush behind their houses.
After several really odd encounters, he came away convinced that there was something truly strange happening there.

Yellow Rock, Blue Mountains-Yowie Encounters

Yellow Rock resident discusses some of the more unusual experiences she has had with other witnesses of yowies/small "apes" etc on her property which backs on to the national park.
This area is smack bang in the middle of the blue mountains which, as many people are aware, is rich in historical reports of unusual bipedal monsters, big cats and ufo`s etc.

Mirage Men

After reading the fantastic book 'Mirage Men' by Mark Pilkington which dealt with ufo`s and US government counter intelligence operations using ufo meme`s,  I was fascinated to learn they had finished  shooting a documentary based on the book.

The film looks like it will be a lot of fun though some of the claims and conclusions will not be accepted by the general ufo community.

Some of the film is devoted to the "work" of US airforce employee(at the time)Richard Doty and his historical attempts at trying to slowly drive Paul Bennewitz insane.
Paul Bennewitz had been seeing and filming unusual aerial devices which were being tested in a secure facility.
Greg Bishop produced an excellent book on this grand deception.

 Linda Moulton Howe, who inadvertently helped perpetuate the mythology of crashed saucers and aliens operating underground bases was also tricked by Doty.
Yet without even blushing, Howe`s take on her own gullibility was verbalised as this..."they must have had meetings about 'how do we stop a persistent and dogged reporter who has already demonstrated that she's going to go after a really difficult subject?'."
She should have showed some form of integrity..and said something along the lines of this.
"they must have had meetings about 'how do we feed a persistent and uncritical reporter who has already demonstrated that she's never going to question anything and will never admit too making mistakes".
At no stage has Howe ever said "mea culpa..I was sucked in and promoted garbage they fed me and I was 100% wrong".
The books mentioned above, unlike most ufo tripe, are excellent.
The film looks like its going to be brilliant.!!