The UFOs of Byron Bay

Byron Bay, NSW - The UFOs of Byron Bay
Photographer Mark Abriel has been snapping some strange things in the sky over his home town of Byron Bay, NSW - Unidentified Flying Objects to be exact!

Mark was driving back from surfing and filming at Lennox Head, just south of Byron Bay, last August (2000) when he saw his first strange object in the sky.

"It was close to dusk and I was just south of Broken Head, a beautiful rainforest surfing spot close to Byron Bay," Mark recalls.
"As I approached the road turning off to Broken Head, I saw what looked like a large, golden disc hovering above the trees. It was sort of ethereal looking, not solid.
"At the speed I was driving I had passed the object in a few seconds. I made the turn into Broken Head, stopped the car and looked back, but the high tree-line obscured the view."

Mark didn¹t see the golden disc again, but he says he's seen many other strange objects appear in the sky, particularly around Mount Warning, known to local Aboriginals as 'Wollumbin' and considered a sacred area.

And he says he's not alone, with many locals approaching him with stories of their own about strange lights in the sky since he started going public about his pictures.
Mark has caught numerous strange images on film and says he is "amazed" at what he has seen so far.

"I don't think that anyone could argue that this is not unique phenomena," Mark says.
"[On one trip] I noticed a sparkling spherical light hovering above the tree-line. It began moving slowly to the left, for about two or three minutes, then dropped behind the ridge and out of view! I had a video camera with me, and filmed the object as it traversed the ridge."

"Since that afternoon, I have returned to the same spot, and other vantage points around the Byron Bay area, and filmed what appears to be the same phenomenon, all the way from an hour before dark till just on nightfall. I have filmed the phenomenon with both digital video as well
as 35mm still cameras using professional slide film."