Gaze of the Gargoyle

Castle Hill, NSW - Gaze of the Gargoyle
Stephen’s ex-wife Jane and her new husband Jeff regaled him one evening with an eerie account of an incident in their home, a Federation place about 100 years old. It was recently restored just before they bought it and there had been a number of strange things happening in the house that defied explanation for both of them.
It began with the photographs, dozens of portraits that graced the dressing table, which were mysteriously turned around when both were away from the bedroom.
"Jeff was accusing Jane of turning the pictures around and she in turn was accusing him of playing games. One day they left the room together and returned simultaneously to find the pictures facing in the other direction. Both realised at that point it was neither of them. Neither could it have been their small toddler or their other daughter, my child, who was staying with me at the time."
"Adding to this was another strange incident involving some of the couple’s antiques. The four of them were sitting around the table having dinner when suddenly the set of Avery scales on a nearby counter – which featured very heavy weights stacked largest to smallest – flew across the room one by one with such force they left indentations on the glossy polished floorboards.
"They don’t live on a railway line, there were no earthquakes - there was no way these weights could have moved by accident.
"Another evening an old antique clock in the kitchen also flew off the wall, smashing on the ground near the table. By this time they were rather spooked.

"Now, Jeff and Jane had been toying with the idea of fitting a gargoyle to the eaves above the front door in fitting with the gothic air of the house. They decided to go ahead with the decorative feature and the very day they fitted it to the tiles all funny phenomena stopped."
"They have no idea how the gargoyle affected it, if it affected it at all, but they went ahead and fitted gryphons around their pool as an added measure." Nothing odd has ever happened since.