Hearing is nearly believing in my case

Hearing is nearly believing in my case

Long time to remember this so clearly but I'd just like to share my yowie experience with you. 
While camping on the far side edge of Clarrie Hall Dam Wall at Uki in northern NSW in 1992/93 with a mate. We had just hit the sack in the tent and were awaken by crashing though the thick bush. It was loudly crashing and moving kind of fast and steady. It was very unusual, approaching for a couple of minutes !!!!
I assumed a lost cow making its way to our camp which was near the water.
It stopped 30 - 50 m away at roared like nothing I had ever heard before or since, exactly like you would assume a 7 foot hairy man to sound like.  
We had a large knife in the tent for some reason, which I grabbed (as you have when you are 19 y.o in the bush), my mate wanted to get in the canoe and be safe in the water, I whispered under my breath not to get out of the tent, for fear of it chasing us like animals might do, eg running from a dog. 
Near frozen with fear but keeping my cool. If it jumped on the tent we'd thrust the knife into it blindly. 

I did not want to see it and didn't want it to see me. 
I made my mate hold the knife with me for strength. It crashed off back into the bush. We finally feel asleep. Next morning we searched for tracks a little but couldn't see any as it was not really that kind of land, and was glad to go home ....spooky. Steep and stoney, with acacias and eucalypts anyhow. 

It was so memorable!!!!!! I expected a Moooooo from a bull or cow.
That primate roar, like a huge angry hairy man would make. I reckon Koalas, pigs, possums, cattle and deer just don't bellow/growl anything like this thing did. So loud and chesty!!
One huge..........Grrrohwwwwhooooooooooororrrrorororororoorororoorroorooroororoor  (5 secs maybe)

I'm a sceptic of everything else. I mean everything (except Thylacines perhaps!!!) Spirits/souls/gods/aliens baaaa etc
I'm a scientist and teacher, with my head screw on, I like to think. And believe if you can't measure it....
but I give it a good rating on my measurement of shit scared so far in my life!!
Only anecdotal I guess but I thought I'd share my experience with other believers anyhow.
Not scared of the bush whatsoever. Passed it off as unknown pig/beast or a nightmare for my own sanity really.
I have never dreamed anything as realistic, and strongly doubt it was. 

Sad thing is my good mate (who is not known for his memory) who I finally remembered to discuss it with after 20 years since he moved to Sydney only kind of remembers, but that means nothing to me as he's not so bright. But I was so surprised he kinda forgot !

Sharks. Yes, seen plenty of big ones while fishing, chasing kite surfers etc no-one else saw but me, so they scare me. I don't swim too deep usually. I'm observant!

I believe Yowies don't eat campers though, but can growl awfully loud, and are definitely not stealth night walkers in thick bush.

If I had a huge spot light I might have shone it but there was no way I wanted to see it under pissy weak torch light. 

Thankyou for your good work and we hope they will survive if they are/were out there.

Yours Sincerly