Mirage Men

After reading the fantastic book 'Mirage Men' by Mark Pilkington which dealt with ufo`s and US government counter intelligence operations using ufo meme`s,  I was fascinated to learn they had finished  shooting a documentary based on the book.

The film looks like it will be a lot of fun though some of the claims and conclusions will not be accepted by the general ufo community.

Some of the film is devoted to the "work" of US airforce employee(at the time)Richard Doty and his historical attempts at trying to slowly drive Paul Bennewitz insane.
Paul Bennewitz had been seeing and filming unusual aerial devices which were being tested in a secure facility.
Greg Bishop produced an excellent book on this grand deception.

 Linda Moulton Howe, who inadvertently helped perpetuate the mythology of crashed saucers and aliens operating underground bases was also tricked by Doty.
Yet without even blushing, Howe`s take on her own gullibility was verbalised as this..."they must have had meetings about 'how do we stop a persistent and dogged reporter who has already demonstrated that she's going to go after a really difficult subject?'."
She should have showed some form of integrity..and said something along the lines of this.
"they must have had meetings about 'how do we feed a persistent and uncritical reporter who has already demonstrated that she's never going to question anything and will never admit too making mistakes".
At no stage has Howe ever said "mea culpa..I was sucked in and promoted garbage they fed me and I was 100% wrong".
The books mentioned above, unlike most ufo tripe, are excellent.
The film looks like its going to be brilliant.!!