Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
 Edgar Allan Poe

This site is primarily about unusual claims and odd phenomena around Australia.
The pair of us have spent about 40 years pursuing unusual phenomena all over Australia, parts of  Sumatra, and the amazing countryside of Britain.
We started off wanting to believe everything, and then over time, became more critical as "cases" turned out to be not quite what they initially seemed.
Mistakes, mis-identification and madness has been more common than outright hoaxing which has been a relief of sorts.
Over the years we have made many friends in several countries and we both really enjoy the "thrill of the chase" which sounds like a hell of a cliche but its right on the money.

We have often found that one type of phenomena, can lead into another type of supposedly "different" phenomena and they often appear to be inter-related.
 Whilst many researchers are interested in only one subject, we have always considered ourselves "forteans" in the truest sense and dont have a problem looking into anything slightly odd or supposedly kooky.

Its basically for the intellectual challenge as well as for fun.
Many people have firm opinions on different aspects of the paranormal.
But they often confuse what they know about a subject, with what is known about a subject which are completely different things.
We see no difference between hardcore sceptics and  rigid believers.

The commonality both have is they are often as ignorant of fringe subjects as each other.
Yet both will hold their own views religiously.
The general  population picks up most of their information about unusual subjects from the media.
The trouble is, the media will often wreck a great story, and then flog to death a really poor story.

Never assume that an editor or a reporter has the slightest interest in whether something is "real" or not.

Strange Nation is the home of the boutique book publisher of the same name, and a portal to the many Fortean wonders Down Under.
The Strange Nation website in one form or another has been running for over 15 years and attracted more than a million visitors in that time.
We hope you enjoy your visit.!!